Sri Lanka, a land like no other
The Emerald Isle, Pearl of the Indian Ocean, the Isle of Serendipity, the Paradise Isle,
all names used to describe Sri Lanka.

The island nation, located near the southern tip of India, is one of the most strategically located countries in the world. It has a landmass of 65610 sq km and a population of over 18 million. The country has a highly literate workforce and it is often possible to find people even in the remotest of rural locations who could converse in English. The other official languages spoken in the country are Sinhala and Tamil.

Sri Lanka has a very diverse landscape. The country is surrounded by a coastline of 1125 kilometers. The central region of Sri Lanka is mountainous with lush tea plantations and breathtaking waterfalls. It also has network of rivers traversing the entire length and breadth of the country.

The beauty of Sri Lanka lies in the diversity of its culture and a history that dates back several hundreds of years. The genuine warmth and hospitality of its people is legendary and is a memory that most visitors take back with them when they leave these friendly shores.

At Utopia Vacations we recognize that individuals have varying interests. This could vary from the choice of accommodation between Hotel or Bungalow, or Dietary Restrictions, such as vegetarianism or Halal Food.

Visit Sri Lanka's world renowned tourist destinations including breathe taking landscapes, historical architecture and monuments and wide array of flora and fauna.

Our focus is to offer you a personalized service to suit your every requirement. Therefore, rather simply offering a package, tell us what you like and we will make every effort to ensure your holiday is a memorable one.

A Holiday Beyond Your Imagination...
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